Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gods & Monster 4

Mars. Here's where you can see Tim's far superior comic skills. Tim drew the pencil, I digitally inked the drawing in Painter and then colored it in Painter as well. I really am loving the techniques available in Painter. Too often colored comics look like Disney movie gels, with super slick colors and even tone. Painter allows you to get dirty and messy.

I used flat colors in the backgrounds and then went in with techniques like dry-brush, pen & ink and wet acrylics on top. I left the Multiply layer on to see the inking, but in the future I may try to incorporate the inking into the actual painting layer.

Also, the metal bits on the double sword are a little meh for me. I need to study some other techniques and see what happens.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gods & Monsters 3

Here is Eros. When I drew him I was aiming for an impish twink. Because his head is big and his waist is small he ended up more impish than twink. This was drawn with the other two posted so far and my sense of proportion has gotten a lot better. Just out of caution I added a jock to our Eros.

For coloring I used Painter, which gives much richer and textured effects than Photoshop. However, there are some things painter cant do, so I went into PS afterward and added the clouds and some lighting effects.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gods and Monsters Pt 2

Here is the second Greek god from 2007. This is Neptune, the god of the water. Like my drawing of Pan, Neptune has some anatomy issues. His feet are a little wonky and his body is incredibly narrow in the waist.

I really like the coloring on this one, which was done in several layers. I especially like the way his left hand turned out (holding the Trident). The underwater stuff is a little juvenile. Overall I like this piece and I was really proud when I did it.

Gods and Monsters Pt 1

Back in 2007 I started drawing Greek gods. The subject matter is rife with gay and male imagery so I thought it would be fun. Tim also joined and drew some gods and if he grants permission I'll post them here. This is the first one: Pan.

As you can see I have some issues with anatomy and coloring. Pan turned out a little green with a slightly oversized head. Still, I like the background coloring and this was an a big jump for me in terms of Photoshopping skills.

I also like furry guys so I may revisit this theme.