Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gods & Monster 4

Mars. Here's where you can see Tim's far superior comic skills. Tim drew the pencil, I digitally inked the drawing in Painter and then colored it in Painter as well. I really am loving the techniques available in Painter. Too often colored comics look like Disney movie gels, with super slick colors and even tone. Painter allows you to get dirty and messy.

I used flat colors in the backgrounds and then went in with techniques like dry-brush, pen & ink and wet acrylics on top. I left the Multiply layer on to see the inking, but in the future I may try to incorporate the inking into the actual painting layer.

Also, the metal bits on the double sword are a little meh for me. I need to study some other techniques and see what happens.


Tim Fish said...

This turned out nice, but he shouldn't be showing too much ab work. He's beefy!

Adam said...

Gods have abs, that's just the way it is. Even the beefy ones. Just look at Laocoon.