Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gods & Monsters 6

This is the last of the original drawings from 2007. They have been really fun to color, so I may jump in and do some more.

This is Hermes, also drawn by Tim Fish and inked by him as well. I colored using Painter and Photoshop. I'm getting better at Painter by the day - in this drawing and the one previous I discovered the blending tool - which is invaluable at creating subtle gradations.

I still haven't dabbled too much into the other brushes...perhaps in the future.

Hermes was colored in about an hour and a half (by comparison Mars took almost a full day - mostly to correct errors and learn how to use things).

1 comment:

Tim Fish said...

ok...you are toggling between Greek and Roman names. Mars (Roman), Hermes (Greek), etc. I don't care which you go with, but just choose!

Excellent coloring on both Mars and Mercury, though I think Mercury should have little red trunks instead of little gold ones.

Looking forward to more collaborations!